RNC gives Trump a boost while Biden’s lead narrows, poll shows

President Trump, first lady Melania Trump (right) and Donald Trump Jr. (left) | AP

The Republican National Convention provided President Donald Trump a bump.

A new poll from Saturday discovered that Joe Biden’s lead over Trump narrowed by four points in the wake of the GOP’s four-day sales pitch that ended Thursday evening.

That’s in contrast to the flat response found by the same poll on the day following the Democrats’ all-virtual convention the week earlier.

The Morning Consult poll of 4,035 possible voters, conducted Friday, found the former vice president leading Trump 50-44 percent. The survey had a two-point margin of error.

However, on Aug. 23, Biden’s lead was in the double figures: 52 percent to 42 percent for Trump.

Suburbanites accounted for the biggest change. People sided with Biden by a 14-point margin in the same poll last week — before the Republicans hit voters with a law-and-order message lately.

Post-convention, suburban support toward Biden fell by six points, the poll found.